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Ready To Sing Skpe Lessons




Online Voice lessons are training programs where singing techniques are taught through Skype or
other video communication services.
Online classes have been a great tool for me to connect with singers who are not local or have complex schedules or prefer my coaching services.
The online singing classes have allowed me to teach singers the vocal techniques they need to practice to improve their singing and sing the songs they want to sing.
I specialize in Pop, R&B, Gospel, Alternative and Artist Development.
The online vocal classes can help you develop your vocal technique, improve your singing and develop a practice & singing routine
or “Help Me Sing It” online vocal class
Help you with challenges you may have with one song

Half hour (30 minute) lessons $35.00
You will receive the vocal technique notes in your email for you to look over before our class.

I will teach the lesson and explain how that vocal technique applies to you and your singing.

You will sing a song and try to apply the technique that you just learned.
review & homework. We discuss the next lesson.
I am here to help you with your singing concerns and to help you develop and improve your singing techniques and most of all

Downloading the Ready To Sing Voice Lessons & Vocal Exercises will give you a head start in understanding the basic vocal techniques we will be learning and practicing.

Ready To Sing Downloads

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your singing!!
Eve Soto-
914 659 9876

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7 thoughts on “Skype Lessons”

  1. Eve Soto I have enjoyed your vocal excersises for years now. Each lesson has helped me tremendously. Thank you! Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Eve, I found your vocal exercise videos on YouTube & I think you are a very good teacher. I’m a South American from a tropical city that just loves singing & I’m glad I was able to find your videos to help sound better for my self. I was wondering if you could use some of Marc Anthony songs as I’m a fan of Salsa. Keep up the good, work, god bless & don’t forget to breath! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi eve,thanks for your beautiful vocal lessons looking at the beginner breathing exercises do I need to sustain my breath while you sing the note am to resound.thanks from Peter


  4. Grerting beautiful lady ….just came across your websiste and iv watch 3 videos so far ….ure the exact coach i was looking feel so connected …i know definitely ure lessons will be helpful for my upcoming singing competition.


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