Steps To Preparing To Sing A Song

Whether you are preparing a song to perform, audition or record.
Here are a few steps to make sure you use your practice time efficiently.
When you are ready to practice a song for the first time, I recommend that you take the following steps.

*Listen to the song* – Listen to the melody (the notes) of the song and
make sure that you are singing the same notes that you hear or that
they are related.. Repetition of this first step will improve
your relative pitch, which is your ability to sing on key. If you notice that you are having difficulty with relative pitch, it means that your ear
needs more training and you have to do more vocal exercises that challenge
you to listen and repeat.

*Ready To Sing voice lessons & Vocal Exercises Step 1 Pitch & Breathing*

Ready To Sing

*Make sure the song is in your range*.- Do not sing songs that are
uncomfortable for your voice. Songs that are too high will cause you to
strain your voice. Songs that are too low for your range will not
sound good.

*Ready To Sing Step 2 – Range & Breathing*


*Do not choose songs just because you like them* – It is
important for you to like the song, but it has to fit your voice
and your ability to deliver the song.

*Find the Breathing Points*- these are all the place in a song where
you take a breath. Finding the breathing points gives you the confidence
to project your voice knowing that you will not run out of air.
– *Make sure you are doing breathing exercises regularly.*
– *Review the lyrics-* Look for areas that require particular attention
to diction. It is important that people understand what you are singing.
Words jumbled together, lost endings, and a lack of clarity will make even the best voice sound unpolished.
– *Develop a relationship with the song-* Decide what you feel the song
is about and think about how your performance can convey that feeling. Use different tones in your voice to deliver the appropriate emotions
throughout the song.
“Sing it like you would say it and say it like you mean it!”

*Vocal Dynamics “Resonance”- *Focus on the quality of your singing.
Try to enhance your singing by fading out your phrases, adding
crescendos and vibrato to your phrases. These techniques will improve
the quality of your sound and make you sound more professional.

*Ready To Sing Step 3 – vibrato, crescendo & tone*



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