How To Sing Without Straining Your Voice

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How to Sing Without Straining Your Voice

The key to singing higher—increasing your vocal range without straining your voice—is not how often you practice hitting the high notes, but rather the approach you take to hitting those high notes. See Step 1 below to learn the best approach.

1) Don’t You Strain


2) Question—”How can I increase my range if every time I sing above a certain note (which isn’t very high) I begin to strain my voice?”


3) First of all it is important that we all understand what straining is. Straining occurs when the muscles in the throat tense up, which prevents air from passing and carrying sound. The result of this is poor sound quality, cracked notes, and worst of all discomfort and damage to your voice. Straining usually occurs when we try to sing above our range with a closed throat, or singing when the voice is tired.


4) Increasing your range is all about approach. Imagine trying to enter a room by going through the wall ! yes you may get in however you will also hurt yourself and you may fear the thought of entering that room again. Use the door !


5) When practicing notes that are in your upper range, focus on maintaining an open throat. To help you maintain an open throat keep your palate (roof of your mouth) up and the back of your tongue down. Imagine there is an egg in the back of your mouth and the doctor is asking you to say “Ah!” The goal is to try to sing around the egg —This will allow air to pass and carry the sound. When practicing higher notes, air should precede the sound. This will help you avoid closing your throat.


6) Vocal Coaching

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